Friday, 31 March 2017

2018: Foldable Displays By Google, Apple And Microsoft, You Can To Look Forward 

We have had flip phones and sliders, round phones and rectangular ones, small ones barely bigger than your thumb and large ones that covered the palm of your hand. We even have had phones designed specifically for gamers or music enthusiasts.
But, since the advent of the smartphone, we’ve pretty much been stuck with the traditional candy bar shape. Time to spice things up a bit.
South Korean IT news site ET News has just reported that LG Display will not only be producing foldable displays for smartphones come 2018, they’ll also be supplying that technology to Apple, Google, and Microsoft. This implies that the technology will hit the market soon, possibly as early as 2018, and that some of the biggest names in the smartphone industry will be competing to introduce their own version of it.

As far back as December 2015, however, Samsung had already filed for patents for what can presumably be an upcoming fully foldable flagship product. They have pushed the boundaries of recent smartphone design with their EDGE technology, a minimal design edit that sees the smartphone screen curving around the edge of the phone for some added functionality.
Apple also happens to have a flexible device in the works — the company has been awarded a patent for carbon nanotube circuits that would allow for flexible electronic devices.
he talk of foldable smartphone technology isn’t exactly new, but seeing it finally hit the market would be. This would allow for more durable, adaptable devices.Semiconductor Energy Laboratory had long before demonstrated the first consumer-grade display that could be folded in three without breaking!
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